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Best European Destinations

Here on Slot Voyager, we’ve selected some of the best casino hotels throughout Europe. We choose them based on a range of standards we expect them to meet. This includes high-quality accommodation, an exciting casino, a convenient location, and good options for entertainment. This allows us to recommend ones we’re sure you’ll enjoy.


Top 8 European Casino Hotels

Out of the thousands of casino hotels across dozens of European countries, we’ve carefully narrowed down the available choices to just 8. Above we mentioned how we select the casino hotels, and in our reviews, you’ll find details about each of those criteria for the casino hotels in the toplist. We’ve also aimed to offer you a good variety, rather than presenting ones that are all similar. This allows you to have a more comprehensive overview of what’s on offer across Europe. Each casino hotel is from a different country to provide as wide a range as possible.


Parc Hotel Billia, Saint-Vincent Italy

This hotel is near the beautiful ski slopes of Cervinia and Pila and has balconies attached to its rooms so you take in the landscapes of the local area.


Le Pavillon de la Rotonde & Spa, France

This hotel gives you a comprehensive range of choices. A restaurant, spa, hotel, and casino are all options for guests, and its emphasis is peacefulness and relaxation.


Ibiza Gran Hotel, Spain

For a different experience of Ibiza compared to the usual parties and concerts, this hotel lets you relax in stunning accommodation whilst exploring the natural wonders of the island.


Casino Baden-Baden (Germany)

This casino has a distinctively retro theme, allowing players to feel like they’ve walked into a scene from the past. Games such as blackjack, and poker are all available here.


Casino Estoril (Portugal)

Casino Estoril is a great gaming and leisure complex which no tourists fail to visit. Located in Estoril it is one of the largest casinos in Europe, consolidating, year after year, a worldwide prestige.


Grandhotel Pupp, Czech Republic

This hotel has been open since 1701, making it one of Europe’s most ancient residences. Since then it has been modernised and now provides luxurious amenities for guests.


Monte Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort (Monaco)

This resort is not only comprised of standalone buildings, but is situated within 4 hectares of gorgeous gardens with pools, lagoons, and waterfalls.


Westin Dragonara Resort (Malta)

This is another resort that has its own land, featuring wonderful grounds for guests to explore at their leisure, along with seafront views to help you relax and unwind.


How we Choose the Best Casino Resorts in Europe

When we make the choice to add a casino hotel to our list, we do not do so on a whim. It would not be helpful to viewers of this website if we picked them at random, or copied lists that they could find elsewhere. We’ve developed special standards that apply whenever we’re evaluating a casino hotel. We take time and care when we come across a venue that we think could be suitable for inclusion here. They are assessed according to the following criteria: The location, the accommodation, the casino, the entertainment, and any unique features not found elsewhere.

Each one of these are categories that we think are essential for any casino hotel to get right. Even if only one of them was poor, that would be a reason for us not to include it. So we’ve given careful consideration to each one relating to the hotels on our toplist from the home page. That’s allowed us to present you with the 5 greatest European casino hotels. By assessing them according to these categories, you don’t have to worry about finding it all out on your own, because we’ve done the hard work.